Two actors in doctor's jackets smiling from Macho event Credit: Wellcome


We collaborate with scientists, games designers, historians, performers, designers and artists,to create extraordinary adventures. 


Our adventures are tailored to specific audiences, ideas and spaces, and can take many forms. We’ve been invited to curate entertainment for VIP parties, commissioned to create feminist artwork for families and funded to explore the mysteries of maths.


We've created curated extravaganzas for adult audiences like our Wellcome Collection Spectacular Macho? 


We've toured interactive adventures for families, such as our smash hit children’s show We're Stuck!


This year we've commissioned Daniel Bye to create a solo-and-a-half show performed by Dan and his five month old son. Arthur explores the science of inheritance, parenting and fate: booking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival now open


If you’re interested in a collaboration or commission, please contact us.



Find out more about our previous projects 

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