We're Stuck! is an interactive theatrical adventure, inspired by the extraordinary abilities and limitations of our brains when it comes to maths. 


For children aged 8-11 and their grown-ups, it takes audiences through six different spaces as they explore Volcano Industries, a top-secret Artificial Intelligence research facility, developing cutting-edge robots, controlled by neuron-computer hybrid systems.


The audience are cast as Professors who have to help

Dr Dikita Dey and Dr Ernest Volcano overcome the evil plans of the head of the institute, Dr Astrid Volcano. 


Full evaluation of the original live show here. 






New for 2020/21! We're Stuck is Zooming into classrooms, libraries and living rooms across the nation.


Find out more here, or email info@onetenthhuman.com to be added to our mailing list.

The show was created by Sarah Punshon and originally

developed with the charity Maths on Toast.


It was created in collaboration with senior neuroscientists and psychologists from; 

Centre for Educational Neuroscience, University of London, 

Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford and School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh.


“It was a massively stimulating and enriching experience... many insightful questions were helpful in making me reflect on my own research"

Professor Matt Nolan, University of Edinburgh. 


It was commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall and Z-arts,

produced by China Plate and orginally devised by 

Seiriol Davies, Clare Dunn, Daniel Bye and Avita Jay.


Supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award,

Mercers' Company, Manchester Science Festival and 

public funding from the National Lottery, supported by ACE. 

If you're interested in booking the show, get in touch.

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